Landed yet ?

Ann , a feeble excuse not to make the tea – I think you owe Ian a cuppa , after all those lemon cheesecakes and firework extravaganzas , he’s provided you with , all your happy married life .

I was up at 3.45 this morn to take my little tin soldier and his lovely friend Susie to HRow T5 to start on their big adventure to Istanbul ( Ok , we all know their rucksacks will end up in Mombassa ). Last night we tried to install hypeyskypey, Susie was all sorted , but cos none of us Dwyers have been in the Boy Scouts ( although John sometimes dons the uniform ), we weren’t prepared so our webcam failed and it ended up with me hearing Jacob from his PC and Jacob hearing me through the wall ( I know I do have a loud voice )- some how i dont think this system will work across europe !

So , hopefully soon , it will be installed upstairs. So , if any of you have it , let me know and we can talk and look at each other – by the way Florence is looking for a model for life drawing – perhaps this is the answer…..

Anyway my little AF lovebubble , I am missing you already and hope you’ve found your luggage/hostel/Susie/shisha bar/kebeb house /blue Mosque ( its Eid – so huge celebrations ? ). And now get commenting – you could be the next Michael palin.

We had a lovely email and photos of Rosie on her Berlin School Trip from Amy Kerbel ,Rosie’s history teacher at Elthorne- I was very moved by what she wrote. I LOVE to hear things about Rosie i didn’t know – it is upsetting as she should be here , but it is a reassurance that people remember her . If anyone wants a copy of the photos let me know and I’ll email them to you.

Tonight lets raise our glasses to Jacob , Susie, Rosie and fingers crossed for our trip to West Mid hosp tomo . xxx

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  1. AF in town baby. We have arrived safely- in the “chillout” hostel. Its an amazing place, so lively, upon arrival we strolled down to the river and found a bar under the bridge. I was then beaten for 2 hours straight at backgammon and “shithead” card game. we went to the estate agents this morning only to find its closed for eid. on another note… opposite our hostel theres a shop called “flo” and ironically its a SHOE  shop. How did the opp go today? email me if you want. also have you got skype yet? if so schedule a time thats good for you in the next couple of days and we’ll go on it.hasn’t really sunk in at all yet- that we’ll be living here for four months.

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