And finally

Now for the emotional side …

I realise how privileged we are to go on such a wonderful trip especially at the times we saw extreme poverty . At points I felt very guilty about everything we have and felt I had to explain we had saved hard by taking in lodgers and working , but no-one ever resented what we had , they just demonstrated gratitude , love and interest – which was very humbling …because of course if Rosie hadn’t died ,we wouldn’t have been there .

But we were there ,and she was with us – every dam step .

This may sound silly ,but nature grounds me . It is life-affirming ,it makes the inside of my head feel peaceful, it allows me just ‘to be’ . As I stood up on that open-topped van looking out at the most beautiful landscape and wildlife , I felt Rosie near me.

But, I’d still do anything to give that all up and have her back.

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