Tomorrow- Reasons to be Cheerful-part 1

Feeling a bit jumpy , hence this writing’s a bit jumpy .

Reasons to be jumpy – part one

Mothering Sunday – great for some , pants for others .

But I feel very blessed to have received something that made me laugh and something that made me melt .

Countdown to picking up 3 new Italian students . We said good-bye to two lovely Italian girls yesterday and they made me cry by giving me a huge bouquet of white Gerberas ( they weren’t to know the association with Rosie’s funeral ) .

It always intrigues me when we have students as to whether they’ll ask about the big portraits of Rosie . Our last two didn’t .It doesn’t bother me .It just makes me think ,they probably think ,the paintings of Rosie are in fact Florence …and why don’t we have any of Jacob ?? Favourite child syndrome perhaps ?

The news that in the UK from September 2015 babies born on or after 1 July 2015 are being offered the MenB (meningococcal group B) vaccine as part . I’m sure it is very good , but I cannot cope with all these photos of children suffering from this disease and in the final stages of their life , being banded around in the press and on social-media.

Yesterday’s visit to Dulwich Picture Gallery .

~It is lovely and the exhibition of Nikoli Astrup’s paintings was beautiful and inspiring . But the place holds so many very happy memories of Grandmama, Rosie , us , Grandmama and Rosie drinking Pimms , Richard’s 60th. It is weird being there without them

It’s Sunday and it is dark and cold

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  1. Hi Rachel,

    Just wrote the date on my whiteboard at school and thought of you; you’ve caught me up again!
    Keep smiling when you can, and keep writing when you can’t.
    All my love,
    Jan xx

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