Apologies if it sounds as if the needle has got stuck

It’s weird isn’t it , none of us know what lies beneath .

Earlier yesterday I thanked the character ,Saga Noren , for taking my head to a very safe and distracted place. Later that day I read in the paper about the family values of Sofia Helin , the actress who plays her .

In the first paragraph she wrote ”Tragedy struck the family when I was 10 days old . My eldest brother was killed in a car accident .He was six. My grandmother survived the incident, but the loss devastated my parents . I think they went into shock for a couple of years .”

Then last week I was listening to an interview on the radio .The man speaking was a heavy- rock singer ,but he resonated with me as he had the gentlest of voices .It was Robert Plant ,lead singer of Led Zeppelin. In 1977 his five-year-old son ,Karac ,died very suddenly of a stomach infection. That man is rich as rich ,but still he has a broken heart .

And I defy anyone to be moved by the photo of the three-year-old Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi, who was washed up on the beach in Kos .I do not know if his parents are alive 9 his brother died too ) , but I can only imafgine they are as poor as poor.

All these thoughts and images whizz around in my head and I guess what i am trying to say in my cack-handed way , that the death of any child is tragic, heartbreaking and shocking .

So in the words of Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello ‘God give me strength ‘.

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