i might have been last in The Crabbing and Contract league tables, but I was master of the Boules.

Bert , I love the lime green…and the photos . the first one is taken with Mary in our back garden, the second overlooking the beach at Tenby ,and the third ( which I cannot bear to look at ) with Katie -not sure where.

The 4 intrepid explorers are back fro Walberswick- it was fab, beaut ,wet,sunny,windy,gastronomic. John cycled most of Suffolk, while Jacob, Florence and I walked, cream tea’ d , crabbed , swam etc etc. In seven days we……Called for Shirley- Ann at 8 am, swam in the sea ( don’t forget it’s the North sea , so dam cold and not a wetsuit in sight ), had hot choc in the beach-hut , recovered, played boules,ate fishcakes, drank Adnams/ walked to Southwold,got ripped off by a Greek olive Seller , picnic’ d on the beach , went hysterical courtesy of Tim Hunkin , on the pier ,night time BBQ on the beach, under a full moon , made a fire ( beach hut still intact )/ long walk Aldeburgh to Thorpeness ,through the RSPB area ( didn’t spot any birds ,but Jacob found a big stick and terrorised us with it – he got so attached to it – a Sonic replacement ? – he’s bought it home ). Bought fish & chips from, Diane Abbots favourite place to eat in the UK ,and ate them on the beach under the stars /huge walk in the pouring rain to Dunwich though the woods , cream tea and then back along the beach- absolutely stunning, dins at The Anchor/ got the ferry just to buy a crab sandwiches/beach,boules,cream tea,more boules, comedy fest. back to The Anchor at 11pm for a nightcap and a specially made white choc bread and butter pudding , that Sophie had taken off the menu , but made specially for us – it was nearly as good as Jacobs./A huge farewll breakfast today with Shirley Ann, Caroline and Matthew Plus of course too many games of ‘contract’ to mention.Plus plus got over the fact the cams had copied us with their choice of names ..Florence,Rose ,Pasty or Unemployment Blackspot ( or something else Cornish ).

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