Talented People

I took a couple of Rosie’s sketchbooks upto Chelsea for the Foundation ,end of year exhibition – it was a killer. Just travelling the same route that Rosie did, broke me and then seeing all the students busy displaying their work, finnished me off – I was in pieces. It is so wrong / unfair / cruel…she should have been there with them . Thank you to Holly and Adam for coming into The Tate Britain , and having coffee with me. I know your work will look fab and like Rosie would be, I am so proud of you.

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  1. You’re right, it is devastatingly unfair. I love that her art means she lives on though, she will still be present at the show just not in the way we so desperately want her to be. I’m looking forward to seeing her work displayed there xxx

  2. I can only imagine how terrible it was to travel the route and see the the students – it was incredibly brave of you to take the sketchbooks yet how wonderful that you are keeping Rosie’s memory alive in this way.

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