Intellectual viewing

At 9pm , Flo and I have a dilemma. Do we watch Glee ( my choice ), Pineapple Dance Studios ( her choice )or 4 weddings ( also my choice ). I think we all know which one will win…………..

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  1. At least you don’t have to watch Channel 4 ‘The Secret Millionaire’ because you know how it will end. Surely, everyone must know now, if a hobo-type person joins your cash strapped organization and they are followed around by a camera crew then THEY ARE A SECRET MILLIONAIRE!!! Just hand over the cheque in the first 5 minutes and get it over and done with 😀

  2. i watched 4 weddings then glee on e4+1..i had no idea pineapple dance studio’s was on though otherwise that would DEFINETELY have been my first choice i LOVE watching louis strut around the corridor xx

  3. glee all the way. even if there is an extremely insulting (but very funny) portrayal of a deaf school trying to sing!

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