Ruth Negga- what an actress

About forty years ago ,when I was in my first or second term at Sheffield Poly ,I was involved in a collaborative , creative project .

Ged, Lee and I formed a group , and between us we made a stop/go animated children’s story and book ‘Oscar the Octopus’ .I did the illustrations, they did the script and all the techy stuff and we spent the best part of 4 Thursday mornings ,pissing about and putting fictional sea creatures in uncompromising situations . .Oh what fun we had .

Roll on to present day …Lee has retired from teaching in a Doncaster Comp . I’m doing what I’m doing ……..and Ged Doherty has collaborated with Colin Firth to form Raindog Films and has produced 2 blockbusters this year ‘ Eye in the Sky ‘ and ‘Loving ‘ .

We all have to start somewhere

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  1. He was destined to lay dormant on the cutting room floor … but now that is quite a good idea , back to the drawing board …..

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