I think Jacobs been eating the same mushrooms that The SOC had on their D of E adventure. Either that or he’s become a fan of Wolfie AKA Citizen Smith- do you have views on spending money on flagstones for the front garden.( ask the Fletchers about this one )

I also think my frogs are celibate. I cleaned out my pond today. In the 5” of silt at the bottom , I discovered 15 frogs ,1 newt , 1 fish ( remarkably still alive ) and yet only a golf-ball sized lump of frog spawn ( Mike next door has tons of the stuff ). I’m guessing my obese fish ( named Alan ) has eaten them all.

**yesterdays heading was a reference to the time one of Waitrose’s loyal customers asked Jacob for advice on how to cook her expensive organic lamb culets . ‘Boil them ?’ was his reply !

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  1. Not as good as his recipe for old smelly fish….. wrap them nicely and give them to your sisters for X-mas! He’s a great inspiration to Thor 😉

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