Thanks to Jess Indeedy and BT I lost a day of my life .

Jess- cos she forced us to return to ‘Drink, Shop ,Do’ …which apart from the shopping, we did , to be guests at November’s Musical Bingo , as we still hadn’t claimed our free tickets for winning the last ‘Decorate a Dauber’ competition


BT,( who were sitting at the next table ) for befriending us ( think we reminded them of their mothers ) ,grabbing us up to dance and then continually falling into our table , apologising profusely and then buying us all a replacement drink ..and another and another ..then a bottle .

It was a hoot .

We won round 3 in game 2 ( rock anthems ) with 3 rows of 3 .I had a choice …a round of Bingoteenies from the the Cocktail Bar ( I was tempted ) or something from the sparkly mystery box .With the whole of BT and 50 others shouting Box Box Box , my 2 friends were drowned out …so I opened it and guess what …I won a HUGE curly wig .

Never felt happier !

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