Ingrid and Carol’ll get the yellow card tonight- then what’ll happen next ??

I don’t know why , but today I’ve had to keep very busy .Of course I do know why , it’s because it’s slowly cranking up to December, the days are shorter,darker, colder and so all the sensory cues are there for that ‘ too shocking and sad day’ day back in December 2008.But of course it is not just the date ,it’s the absolute gut-wrenching pain of missing Rosie and the ‘why’ question that continue to drive me crazy.

So ,I leapt ( ? ) out of bed at 6.30 ( I must have been in a bad place didn’t even bother with coffee ), swam 50 lengths, internalised my pool-rage when a non- swimmer wearing 2 toggles and brandishing a float encroached in my lane.Went to Sainsburies, cooked , had a trim ,met my pals in Pembroke Lodge , got told the gates of Richmond park were being locked in 5 minutes, wolfed down 2nd cappuccino, got out to see the gates locked behind me, got home griddled aubergines and goats cheese to go with my home-made pesto ,a la smug old Nigel Slater ( and an even smugger RJD who has never made it before in her life – and now reeks of garlic ) and his 30mins suppers , 10mins til CC Trip and then will get ready to go out to Fiona and Trevor’s for super…clutching my starter .

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  1. I watched that too! and was going to make the pesto till I realised we dont have a pestle and mortar in our student house. back to the jar it was!

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