We are both so rock and roll-not

You spend your life waiting for one St Dunstan and then two come along at once. I was in St Dunstan’s Chapel on Thursday and then a friend who knows I love secret places in London , took me to the beautiful St Dunstan in the East Church .The site houses the ruins of a bombed medieval church and Wren Tower but a garden has been planted in ,around and up it , with a water feature in the middle .It is so beautiful , peaceful and atmospheric ,you wouldn’t know you were a stones throw from The Tower of London.

Then on Saturday evening another friend took me to see the film ‘Good Vibrations’ – the story of Terri Hooley and his Belfast record shop , who in the midst of all The Troubles , helped put Punk on the map and discovered The Undertones .Afterwards my friend told me ,her husband had been a roadie for The Undertones and had been best-man at one of their weddings ( couldn’t remember who, but it wasn’t Feargal ) .I said ,I remember seeing The Stranglers in Sheffield. Everyone was pogo-ing and felt a searing pain in my foot – a shard of glass had gone right through my espadrilles .I have this weird recollection that Declan sucked the glass out ( but it might just be a fantasy ) . She had also seen The Stranglers and when one of them spat at her she was so pissed off, she left .

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  1. LMAO……..It happened Rach! I think I had just read something about particles of glass entering the blood stream and piercing your heart or your brain. Clearly we didn’t want want that……not before the Stranglers had finished their concert and spat all over us……if we were lucky enough to be chosen for such an honour! Good times! XX ( en route to LCV……staying in Baume tonight……great sunny drive on empty motorways….Lyon first stop tomorrow to drop Neal off and then Dottie and I continue south) XX

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