Its even hotter in Glasgow

John’s head healing nicely – it’s now a lovely shade of red having worked all day on the roof of THE shed .Lorna , how’s Andy’s ?

In future I will learn to shut my mouth .Today I did another train trip ,this time to Maidstone where I met Declan and Deidre ( in their fabulous family restaurant,MuMus). Did the usual stuff ,tube to Victoria, skinny cappuccino from Cafe Nero, got on the train , stuck to Mandy’s rule of not taking a sip before the train pulls out of the station. Was met by Dec , ate ,drank ,talked, laughed , sampled dishes and waxed lyrically about The Train Network , how they run to time etc. Then got the 6pm train home , a tree fell on the line and we were all turfed off the train and told to find a bus .Didn’t have a clue where I was . Took 3 hours to get home….I need a drink

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