i know it’s cheesy but I quite like Englebert’s Eurovision song

Did the usual Sat morning thing – woke at 5.30 ( couldn’t sleep), did my stretches in front of my taped ‘Embarrassing Bodies Live ‘- now who would want to get their backside out on live television -? Was in Sainsburys at 7 chatting to the 2 lovely guys on fruit and veg ( one is in a destructive relationship and the other is paying for his mother’s healthcare in Pakistan ). Took our 2 Spanish students to their pick-up point and then settled down with coffee, tablets, porridge and the paper. I headed straight for ‘Blind Date ‘ column and thought blimey I know you – except I didn’t ,I was reading last weeks supplement , which I realised when I closed it and there was a football supporter on the front .And then I remembered what happened in a tiny gift shop in Robin Hoods Bay last Saturday .Dec and I were browsing when we noticed this little old lady kept staring at us ( well Declan actually ,but it sounds a bit pervy like the Catherine Tate character- and it wasn’t like that ) and following us/him around the shop . Eventually she plucked up courage and asked him ” are you The Man City Manager,Roberto Mancini ? ” Oh how we laughed , especially as we didn’t have a clue who he was .

John’s head still healing ,and he’s on the foof already ,minus his hat.

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  1. that reminds me , we were in Cardiff once and a stranger asked my husband if he was Danny De Vito .My husband is 5’10”!

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