I’m pooped

Today I was back at the chalkface. I have a lovely class of 9 year 13 students. Obviously I can’t say much about my job ( as I need to keep it ), but i am lucky to be working with one of the nicest, funnest, warmest bunch of 17-18 year olds you could ever hope to meet ( except for Flo that is ).

I’ve been so busy I haven’t even sat down for ‘Coach trip’ yet and its 9pm !

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  1. after i read this, I looked up at the time in the corner of my laptop and it was 22:22.crazy… if you think that having all four numbers the same in the time can only happen for 2 minutes per day; 22:22 and 11;11. THATS 2 minutes out of 1440 minutes. and a fraction chance of 1/720th. CREEPY

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