‘He was amongst the chosen few.’

I can’t believe none of you found the 4 letter word in there , It ends one word and starts another …. it took me about 17 seconds ( that was in fact to look up the answer , I gave up looking for the word after about five minutes ).

I’ve been so busy this week , out every night , practicing my positive dance -moves and doing my brain gym . Didn’t really work , especially at my shrinks ( yes I still go and I know it doesn’t really count as a night out ) , or at the Conjuring ( scared i might get picked on for looking too keen – or on the other hand , they night have thought oddwoman and steered well clear – so I guess it did work there ), or at the theatre last night ( just pissed off the man sitting next to me ) .

So perhaps I should try something more passive to help keep this sad old brain of mine functioning properly – sleep therapy ?

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