Up with the lark

Back to my Little Turkish Delight – Jacob wanted me to point out he didn’t play the spoons for The Whirling Dervishes . After all they are Sufi Muslims in a deep meditative state as they whirl , and Jacob and Susie singing ‘Islands in the Stream’ accompanied by 2 nicked hostel spoons being banged together, wouldn’t have helped.

Well they’ve been up ,up and away today in a basket. At 5.45am they took a hot air balloon over Cappadocia ( I think there was a pilot with them ). Jacob emailed to say they were up 1km up in the air to see the sunset, amazing. Once back down on the ground , the crew were folding up the balloon , they threw Jacob on top and did a ‘pile-on’ – could this be an ancient Ottoman ritual ?

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  1. He is a long way away,maybe the days are a lot shorter there…..I thought that you said that he was 1m up in the air at first which I wasn’t very impressed by,your knee lenght socks go higher up than that but now I am very impressed…and a bit queasy……

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