3 senses covered today

Seen , heard and smelled good stuff .

Yesterday we went to the new Southwark Playhouse in Elephant and Castle and saw the brilliant ‘In the Heights’.It was a really young ,energetic,dancy cast .The audience seemed to be made up of loads of students from drama and dance schools.They knew all the words ,all the salsa, hippy hoppy Latino moves and as it was the final performance ,at the end ,went mad, in a lovely warm,happy sort of way .We came home buzzing.

This morning I heard Claire Balding interviewing Randy Lewis. Randy Lewis ( I had never heard of him before ) is a businessman who was inspired by his son Austin ,who is on The Autistic Spectrum, to create a workplace where people with disabilities do not just succeed, but thrive. He has written a book “No Greatness Without Goodness” which tells the story of his campaign and how started the initiative, not just in the American Walgreen Stores, but worldwide with companies such as Marks & Spencer and Boots .I think he aimed for the workforce to be made up of people with special needs , both physical and mental.

He was truly inspirational .

I lied about the third one – all I did was clean out and refill the Portipotti ( with chemicals not the obvious )

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