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John met up with Augustine yesterday .he is over in London as on Thursday ACE receives A ‘STARS FOUNDATION’ Impact Award in the category of health .They were picked from 700 applicants.This award is a great honour and a huge achievement for ACE.

Augustine gave John , a handwritten letter from Moses W. Mabonga, Director of The Southend Academy. I thought you might like to read it :-

Dear Sir, 20.11.10.

re: Gratitude

Its with great pleasure that I take this golden chance to write a letter of appreciation on behalf of The Southend Academy.

The parents/guardians,pupils and teachers are proud to be associated to The Rosie Dwyer Art project and to you as a family. Thank you that you found time to cycle all the way from Nairobi to raise funds for this project.

The art project has added beauty and value on our face ,both physically and academically.Our lives will never remain the same again.This project is a turning point in our institution.

Given that art education ( creative art ) is taught in all our eight classes,there is need for more teachers,for this project has attracted interest of more pupils to join the art club.

Please send our regards to other members of your family and friends,

Yours faithfully,

Godifres Michaer,Patrick Michaer, Dennis Michaer , Mabonga Brown, Joseph M.Muliro, Patrick P.Muchesha, Stacy Asutu, Daing Manyara, Feff Wekesa, Marcy Atieno and Moses W. Mabonga

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  1. ‘has added beauty and value on our face ,both physically and academically’…… what unbelievably wonderful thing to have achieved in Rosie’s memory xxxx

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