Advice please

Calling all you legal beagles

Lisa D in Barnes

Ian S. ( Rosie’s cousin so NO excuses )

John F in Ealing , usually the cricket club ( bar )

Kay R – also in Ealing and in my book club or sometimes found in Eden Place Jacuzzi

( that doesn’t include you Adam – even though your last suggestion did make Sarah LOL )

What do I do about my impending fine – my time to cough up £50 is Thursday – and then it increases to £100. In case of your memory loss , I got a typed parking ticket, left on my windscreen BUT 1 letter of the registation was wrong- they’d printed a Y instead of a T.

Should i pay or not ??????

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  1. Hi Rachel
    I got a ticket about 2 years ago and one of the registration letters was wrong. Didn’t pay it and never heard anything. Presumably you could argue that the car with that registration is not yours and legally they can’t enforce anything if the error is theirs.
    I passed John out running on the canal yesterday- he must be in training.Did he have a personal trainer cycling alongside? He looked very fit, I was puffing -it was too hot already at 9am. Hope it’s cold on the 12th!
    Mike and I would like Rosie T shirts- do we have to let you know sizes- if so 2 x large.
    Keep up the blog!
    Alison M x

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