I didn’t even get a card

As Florence and I queued to get into Ivan Navarro’s telephone box ,we couldn’t help but notice all the other couples ( and I really mean couples , there were NO singles in the queue ) were all loved up .I’ve never seen so many single naff red roses in green cellophane and one couple even had matching little gift bags – sweeet . We got in ,looked up into infinity ,down into infinity , and wondered if the man after us was going down on one knee ? We loved ‘Light Show’ at The Hayward .Health tip – It’s an absolute no-no if you suffer bad migraines or seizures as some of the lights are really dis-orientating ,bright and flickering . I loved Olafur Eliasson’s ‘Model for a timeless garden ‘ .It was beautiful , especially if ,like me, you love , water ,ponds,fountains and sensory stuff . But ,I found it hard to walk in his room- especially backwards .Everyone was striding round and I was doing pigeon steps and looking for a wall or Florence or a non-loved-up man to hold on to . We went there after being chucked out of ‘A Bigger Splash’ at The Tate .Closed at 6 , we got there at 5 , and there were so many films to watch – many containing genitals, blood and mud – not so many loved up couples at this one . And that was all after lunch at a fabulous Thai place ( next door to ‘Rosie’s Cafe’- the eating place that stated the trendification ) in Brixton Market .I loathe shopping , but could spend ages there .

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