Jolly japes in the basement

I can’t think of a better way of spending my morning off , then bonding with 23 strangers in a windowless room of The Crowne Plaza Hotel ,Hanger Lane .

We all had to turn our phones off , not mention the names of anyone who attended and weren’t allowed out until it was over in 4 hours .

Like everyone else I had paid £92 and got nil points ( the reason we were all there ) and yes it was the day of my Speed Awareness Course maybe ,because of my shrinking world ,I quite enjoyed it .There were nice people , loads of banter , respect , facts , interaction , very witty presenters and a lot of talk about streetlights ( VERY significant in regards to speed limits) and we’re all trying our damnedest not to have to go again .

2 Replies to “Jolly japes in the basement”

  1. Did you all have to give your reason for speeding? I’m afraid my reason being that I had to get my daughters urine sample to the drs before 1pm did not cut the mustard!!

  2. No , we weren’t asked our reason .
    Our table all shared with each other – but the focus was on why people speed . In my case it was because I was so thick ,I thought I was in a 40 zone and it was a 30 zone
    The burning question was – did you get the sample to the docs on time ??

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