At least now i can fast forward the adverts.

Jacobs home for 2 nights , for one of those we go out for a Thai and the second ,I thought ( stupidly ) we’d cuch up for Coach trip and A taste of Phil and Kirsty – I’m not so keen on Location Location Location on Friday nights with Phil and Fiona – no sexual chemistry and overt flirting there ( mind you no surprises , he’s married to her ). But alas no, theres some football match on and i’m not allowed to mess with the skybox til 10pm.

Two days ago , I did my favourite and only ( if you don’t include Sainsburies) kind of shopping – ”buy now with one click”. Ever since my little CD plopped on the mat , I’ve been playing my Tracey Chapman. I sing ‘The Promise’ to Rosie .You are right Joe, she is a wonderful song writer.

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