To be recommended.

Today I skipped into work , having had an amazing day yesterday .I can’t say too much about it ,in case you want to do it ,but ‘Accomplice’ is a hoot .Its all very cloak and dagger. The day before , we were phoned with the top-secret rendezvous point ( the square bench opp the cloakroom in Tate Mod – there you go that’s all I’m telling you ).From there the murder mystery treasure hunt thing which involved a heist, cryptic maps , a priest, a prostitute with Tourettes, an innkeeper with OCD, a dungeon, a tied up blindfolded man in a cellar ( who we sang songs from the musicals to- well if you’ve got a captive audience….. ), a secret cave in an Inn, code-breaking, problem solving , seeing in the dark ,beers ,a toilet stop, dry ice, being shot at , diving for cover,shooting at people through a 2 way mirror, jugs of pimms,began.The afternoon ended with a huge stifado at a Greek restaurant .

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