An answer please

Edward, that has to be the same Louis I watched last night. Where he can’t put his legs isn’t worth going . He’s no skinny pinny though- in fact I think he looks like a camp, double -jointed , Bob Hoskins. Rosie went to Pineapple a few times – street dancing ?? with Laura??

Everyday without Rosie is tough. Things, sounds , words, smells, sights can knock me off my feet. But this morning was a humdinger. John and I got back from having coffee with Christine C. I put the radio on – it was the (dreadful) Terry Wogan on radio 2, I was about to turn over for ‘Just a minute’ , when I heard it was David Gray he was interviewing. David then sang ‘ This years Love’ live. That was the last ever song we played for Rosie. I go on asking why was life so dam cruel to her ?

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  1. just listening to the terry wogan thing on bbc iplayer. the song is beautiful, there is a piece of rosie left behind in everyone of tht will never leave us. x

  2. Yep, a few of us went to Pineapple a couple of times. I think Rosie went an extra time with a girl called Jade Nairne, who happens to be a rude gal from our year in elthorne. i don’t think they’d ever spoken to one another before that?! Either way, it was all quite random and funny! But my dancing ‘career’ with Rosie started way before the Pineapple days; we used to do street dancing every saturday at the pitshanger dance studio, do you remember Rachel? We had such good times, we met such characters there and needless to say, we laughed at quite a few of them, esp. an oriental girl called Mundy (??) who had the flattest bum we’d ever seen! The ‘Rosie cackle’ definately came out a few times at poor Mundy’s expensive x x

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