sadly ,no-one threw a sliced potato at me

I have fallen in love…..with ( in no particular order ) 1. Susan Boyle 2. Glasgow. 3 .Glaswegians 4.Lochs and mountains

The show ‘ I Dreamed a Dream’ was fantastic.It told the life story of Susan Boyle, and it explained a lot about her and how she behaves and what happened to her pre and post BGT .Elaine C.Smith ,played her .At the end ,the whole cast got standing ovations, the clapping went on for ages ,the ensemble did their encores, the houselights went up, people reached down for their bags and/or cans of Iron Brew.Then suddenly the lights went down ,a huge spotlight came up and onto the stage ,walked Susan herself .The audience went wild .When she sang ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ I swear there wasn’t a dry eye in the house .We all clapped just at the same time the audience did on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ ,the very first time she sang it . We all got up , she sand a different song, we sat down , she finished ,we stood up and the clapping and cheering went on and on and on .It was a very special moment .Florence and I celebrated at CitizenM with classy cocs.

I could go on and on about all the stuff we did, how friendly the people were – even though I only understood about a tenth of what they said -, how fabulous the food was , how beautiful the Loch Lomond landscape was ( we got a train and a bus up To Luss on the western shores ), how buzzy the area Florence lives in .But I won’t ,cos I’ve just off to order my Susan Boyle CD

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