I cannot thank Bert enough for his patience and diligence in creating and updating Rosie’s website I’m no fool ,I know the number of people that look at it is dwindling , people’s lives change and now there are so many witty ,upbeat ,clever blogs , why read this one ? But of course for me ,it will always be about Rosie and also how I cope ( or not ) without her .She is as alive in my mind as Jacob and Florence ..and you know how much I love them .So today a couple of things have happened relating to this website

1. Under ‘Latest news from Kenya , you can read a letter from David ( the new art teacher at The Southend Academy , whom we all fund) and some of the students artwork -please look, it’s lovely.

2. A couple of weeks ago ,a lady called Ros, got in touch with me .I knew her and her 2 children about 15 years ago , but because she no longer comes over this way ,we lost touch .She only recently heard of Rosie’s death and was very shocked and so got in touch via this website .She lives in Amersham , and so today we met at Rosie’s Woods, dined at The Hit or Miss, and talked and talked and talked …and cried too .Next time we are meeting in Marylebone over dinner and a bottle of wine . It is always good for me to know that people care and want to stick with me and suggest different stuff to do .

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  1. Rachel , since you told me about the family section of Sat’s paper,I try and read it every week .The main article was about young people whose partners had died at a young age- 19,22,28, I think and how they’d formed a support group . One young girl echoes what you say – you should read it .

  2. The artwork from the South End Academy kids is lovely, thanks for sharing Rachel – i always love seeing their work and hearing how Rosie’s Art Room is helping them achieve. It’s a remarkable gift you’ve set up for them and such a perfect way to remember Rosie.And, as for your blog, I’ll keep reading for as long as you choose to write it. You share so much in it of you and of Rosie – and you help us to understand just a little of how it feels to lose a child. I, for one, am grateful for all of that – thank you x

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