Sally, Grandma is 90 on the 3rd May

Lorna and I bowled up to Grandma’s place yesterday and we neally didn’t recognise it , as hanging over the door is a huge banner’ Uplands Got Talent Grand Final on 18 feb at 6.30.’ Don’t worry , just because we weren’t there for the heats doesn’t mean we can’t enter . So we’ve ordered the mini ice-rink and are perfecting our moves ( inspired by Blades of Glory ) to Ravel’s Bolero.

You’ve probably sussed by now the stuff that positively distracts my sad old scrambled brain- being with J,J & F / musicals / easy to understand, fast moving theatre or film / walking/ more walking esp if it involes a pub lunch or a good picnic /the sea/ water/ finding new places ( Lambeth Palace gardens and cafe are on the list )/being with fam and friends who talk about Rosie , share their vulnerabilities, cry and laugh with us / playing games /getting a virgin copy of the Evening Standard/ Old folk/my students …but there is one thing I’ve missed off – magic – I Love it . For my 40th Birthday celebration John cooked up a mean Greek lamb casserole, we had friends round , and they all had to bring a magic trick to perform after the meal , it was brill .( I even remember Christine bringing her own coffee table as she didn’t know if we had one ). Well last night I took a friend to ‘Conjuring at the Court’ .Its at a local pub and has the same format as a comedy night , but with magicians. I persuaded her it was fine to sit in the front row , and of course we were safe . The first act came on , and who did they pick , but her . She was their mind-reading prop and was centre stage for about 10 minutes . I hope her mouthing obscenities to me , didn’t spoil their act !

Seeing ‘The King’s Speech’ tonight.

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  1. I’ve been sewing all day and have finally finished our sparkling showbiz outfits. I orginally designed them sleeveless but now think better and have sewn on some tinfoil sleeves,just don’t bend your arms very often. I’m wearing our 10 pairs of American Tan tights as I type to test-run them and to practise my lunges.We don’t need to buy ice skating boots,I’ve just tied some dinner knives to the bottom of my trainers and they’re working fine.Bring it on….

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