Love ( again )

It’s been a week of celebrations in Dwyer Towers .

On Monday , Augustine ( Kenyan Ace director ) ,Dennis (Kenyan Ace deputy Director ) and Lizzy Epsley ( UK Ace Director ) all came to supper .Margarida Villas-Boas (Head of Ace UK Fundraising and Marketing )was meant to be coming , but sadly was poorly, so couldn’t make it .

Then on Tuesday Florence trained it down from Glasgow and Natchat drove in form north of The Uxbridge Road …

and the reason …

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of John and I marital union. I remember 25 years ago- Jacob was bundled off to Ali and Andy’s as John and I stepped out in the pouring rain ,having had a humdigger of a row as there was no hot water left for me to have a bath ,and then tied the hot of the palatial surroundings ( I jest ) of Acton Town Hall .

We have experienced both deep joy and deep sadness .We have held each others’ hands and propped each other up . We love each other deeply. We both wish we could turn the clock back .We both yearn and pine for Rosie .We both seek help from different people at different times. But we have such an enormous overpowering love for Jacob and Florence ..and then for life and for nature and for people and for stuff….that ,even with a broken heart , life can be very very good .

But now the reality –

The Ace Directors are over for 10 days as they have loads of meetings and there is a big gala dinner on Wednesday night ( which sadly coincides with parents evening where I work ) , and we wanted to repay some of their wonderful Kenyan hospitality

Florence is home on a flying visit as she has a meeting at BA tomo.

Nat came to see Florence

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  1. Happy anniversary to you both I remember a fabulous party to celebrate your wedding and it is so scary to think that it was 25years ago! Lots of love to you all xxxx

  2. Ah thanks .
    We have a video of the party and I’ve only ever watched it once .Videoing was NEW and the woman that did it was odd.My Mum booked her and when she arrived she had a crimplene dress on and pop-socks ( even then – not a good look) .After the party we played it back and 90% of it was the food- vol au vents, sausage rolls that sort of thing . It’s hilarious .Now I’d have to get it put on disc to watch it

  3. Video what is that?!!! Maybe you should put it on a disc a film of vol au vents and sausage rolls sounds interesting!!! Xxx

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