Couldn’t think of an East

This week I’ve been….

South -Got the train to St Leonard’s .The last bit of the journey is beautiful as the track hugs the coastline and takes you right past Graham Norton’s beach side residence.

North ( ish ) to our dear friend Ali ( looker after of Jacob while we got spliced )’s fabulous,relaxed, chatty,funny,gastronomic 60th birthday bash. I still find big gatherings hard .

I guess it’s because I don’t know what people are going to say/not say and at times my sadness overwhelms me and I can feel a bit ‘trapped’.Maybe it is getting a bit easier to be in large social situations ? Today was good .We ate like kings and laughed like hyenas ( and with my posture ,probably looked like one ) and I felt very protected by Ali and Andy ,especially because they were glad we went and acknowledged all the good and also painful times we have gone through together .They were our first friends in Ealing ,so knew all 3 children from the day they were born.

Then tomorrow it’s

West ( Ealing ) …tea with 120 others at Soupy.

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