Bring back Fanny the Wonderdog

Saw Julian Clary last night , in a big tent , in Walpole Park .He was great – very very funny and a bit sad when he talked about his anxiety of returning to Ealing and where he went to school .

I last saw him live about 30 years ago .

Jane and I went to Fairfield Halls and were sat in the ‘special needs ‘area ( theatres are in the dark ages when in comes to people in wheelchairs )I

The whole first part of his act was a spoof on the TV programme ‘Mr and Mrs ‘. He invited a homosexual couple and a heterosexual couple up on stage and then asked them questions about each other, but they had to reply as to what they thought their partner would reply e.g. ”what would be your first choice of city for a weekend away?” .It sounds dreadful ,but he compared it well and it was very funny .They got points for correct answers and the homosexual couple won .

At the interval Jane and I were dogging down our Henkel Trocken ,when we overhead the couple sitting next to us’s conversation – ”are you enjoying it ?” …”yes thanks” , ”he’s funny isn’t he ?”…… ” yes ,but just one thing , what’s a heterosexual?”

We were hysterical ( didn’t take much )

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  1. Absolutely , everything was non PC and I think he was ahead of his time ( and half the audience ) to make all relationships perfectly acceptable

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