Karen ,Holly and Ryan

It is hard to write something that doesn’t sound crass or flippant or uncaring as it is so very sad when your Mum dies .
But I just want to

1. share this with you ……
Today I had my second ever email from Karen, who I last met in a tiny village about 10 miles outside Bungoma, Kenya .
She sent me her first ever one earlier in the week , I replied and then she sent this .
To put anyone in the picture who does not Know- Karen is the girl I sponsored through secondary education , after Rosie died . It was a tiny thing to do for a young girl ,who otherwise may not have been educated .
Jacob and I went to her home in 2013.It was the first time white people had ever been to her village . Everyone came out to look at us . It was amazing .They were amazing . We spoke through the common language of gesticulating, food, football and play

”I am so excited to hear from you Rachel.I miss you so much.I feel so bad for not keeping in touch for almost 2 years now.I hope you forgive me.

Sorry for the loss of John’s mother.May God rest her soul in peace.May He give you strength to face everything. Am so glad to hear that about Florence and Jacob .May God see over you all.

I joined Karatina University in August 2013.Am supposed to be in my 3rd year but I had to stay out of school because of financial difficulties.I got a job at a local school.I use the money I get to support my family and also save some for my next school year.I hope to resume studies September this year.

Shirlet is all grow now.She looks so big that people think am the younger one.It’s so funny given that am 4 years older than her.She is in Form Three now.She moved to a new school and she had to repeat Form two because she wasn’t doing very well in the old school.But she has now kept up with the conditions of the new school.She’s also very strong.She goes to a day school which is far from home.We can’t afford bus fair so we look for well wishers to stay with her.She has stayed with 3 families in one year.She goes through a lot of challenges but seems to take it quite positively.I must admit I admire her.

Eugine is in class 8.He’s 14 and still very shy.He is a neat freak.He cleans his own clothes.He also cleans the house.He was given an award at school for being the neatest boy in school.He’s looking forward to the national exams(KCPE) later this year.He wants to pass and go to a good high school.I have confidence in him because he performs very well.I know he will pass with good grades.

Sarah refused the name Daphine.There’s an adult called Daphine who has wayward behaviour that’s why my sister refused that name.She told everyone to call her Sarah not Daphine.She’s in class 4 this year.She’s so ambitious.She told me she wants to see you again but she’s afraid she won’t hear a thing you would say to her.Partly because she doesn’t know English and because she will be looking at you.I laughed so hard when she told me.

The kids in the neighbourhood still remember the visit.They talk about it as if it was yesterday.They laugh at each other because they don’t know English.That was a memorable day.Unfortunately I don’t have any photos to remember it.

I love the book you brought me,remember?I love London just from what I read in the book.I love the Parks the most.I also like that thing about changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.I would like to see the towers in London because they seem to be fascinating.I swear I will look stupid because I will stare at everything.

Pass my regards to the rest of the family.Lots of love”

2. Wish Holly and Ryan an amazing trip .They set off to India today and take in Izzy,Phil and Aus on the way .Enjoy !

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