Thank you Declan for a lovely weekend

Dec and I had a lovely time in Scarborough .We went to some pretty pretty seaside places- Robin Hoods Bay, Staithes, Sandsend,Bridlington. Ate fabulous seafood and did a lot of people watching on the prom, a lot of whom we thought we’d seen on the Jeremy Kyle show a couple of weeks previously. And then we walked passed the infamous ‘Terror Towers’ and I went all of a dither . I’ve tried to put my dark thoughts of negligent parenting to bed , but they all came flooding back…..Around 14 years ago ,the 5 of us went on holiday with the Clarkes to Pickering . One day we hit Scarborough ,and cos of the rain , ended up in ‘Terror Towers’ – it was ghastly and ghoulish and in very bad taste- but the kids loved it .Once inside we followed the dimly lit path -round corners ,up and down stairs, doubling back on ourselves, stopping to look at the lovely exhibits ,..a man being put to death on the electric chair, a woman having her head chopped off etc etc .We were walking slowly in single file and I was at the back with the youngest two ,Nat and Flo, just in front of me. We got to the last long corridor , just about seeing a chink of light at the end of the tunnel . All of a sudden ,from nowhere, a masked man crept up behind us and tapped me on the shoulder , I just screamed , pushed Nat and Flo out the way , practically flattening them in the process and without looking back , legged it to the exit .I hope to think that after 14years of therapy they’ve got over the trauma and are no longer haunted by the axe murderer.

I’ve kept in text contact with John and Andrew. They left Ealing at 8.30 on Saturday morning .At 8.53, they were sitting outside Evans bike Shop in Brentford, waiting for it to open ! One of their team members chain had broken and he had to buy a new one .But despite that and Andrew having two punctures and a ripped tyre ,the team made it to France .( whether they make it back ,is a different question.)

Then at 10am this morning , Jacob jetted off west to New Orleans .

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  1. Back in 1967 we went on a caravan holiday to Scarborough . We went to a place called peasoup park ,dad bought us icecreams and we went out on the boating lake.I was the only one who hadn’t finished mine.My older brother starting messing about in my boat and then dared me to stand up . I did,then fell in , and then got a slap from my mum for getting my new dress dirty .I’ve never been back since .Terror Towers sounds a breeze in comparison !

  2. What a coincidence. Johnny and me shared the delights of Terror Towers on Mayday Monday. What class! I found the swinging body bags in the mortuary particularly distasteful. I wouldn’t mind but I did not have rain as an excuse. TT apart Scarborough and the other places you visited are lovely – proper seaside resorts – well a bit of tat maybe! See you in the summer maybe? We hope so. x

  3. God I remember that holiday so well – and I remember our protest, desperately trying to avoid yet another muddy walk! Me and Rosie forced Nat and Flo to march around with us in front of you all shouting “down with Mud, up with Yorkshire Dungeons!” we didn’t get the Yorkshire dungeons but we were VERY happy with Terror Towers. And I’m sure Nat and Flo have recovered…! xxx

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