* makes a change

I don’t mind stuff – clearing up bodily fluids, talking about BF when we’re eating ( not a popular choice of topic ), gory stuff, watching in HD ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ etc etc ,but today my squeamishometer went off the scale. Because we couldn’t transfer Grandma from her wheelchair onto the bed ( by God we tried, but with no hoist and with only me allowed to lift , it was a no no ), so in the end I had to help her to sit propped in the chair while they did the procedure,which was an injection of Lucentis into her eyeball. .Once I’d got up from the floor ,and drank the coffee ( they had made for her ) , I was alright , thank-you .Grandma, was amazing – she didn’t moan once*.Only 2 more to go .

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  1. Blimey!–how many eyes has she got???
    I have no idea what Lucentis is. Has it got something to do with a young Greek poet? Or some spinoff from Lucozade? Should it have gone in her eyeball? I’m feeling queasy now, I don’t think I can finished my egg and jam sandwich.

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