does this happen to Lance Armstrong ?

Up until 6pm the 2 major events in my day were 1) finnishing my book ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ ( very good brain-numbing stuff, all about all the the stuff that dirty dog, Henry VIII, got up to). 2) getting covered in modroc- occupational hazard. Then John came home injured. For those of you who live in Ealing, he was turning right ,by KwikFit, when he came off his bike. Thank God the driver who was right up his jacksey, stopped suddenly and got out to help- as did half the population of Ealing and our friends from the soup-kitchen ,who were sitting on Kwikfits’ wall. He is now downstairs nursing his leg, arm and pride with a packet of the best findus mint infused petit pois on all 3 extremities.

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  1. I hope John is on the mend. quite often on our walk to drayton me and rosie would walk past the kwik fit with -as you quite well put- friends of the soup kitchen sat on the wall, reeking of cider at half 8 in the morning. There was one who was our favourite who we called “dalin’ ” and he was Irish and once he sort of spread his arms and called after us “dalin’…dalin'”there were many characters on that wall, and still are. im sure.

    i’d actually forgotten about that till i read your blog just now.

  2. bloody hell. absolute calamity on the bike. Just like ice skating that time in kew gardens. like a bull in a china shop that man. Tell him to chill out. Hope he’s not injured?

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