In the words of James Bowen ”Where in the world is Bob?”

Well from 15.30 tomorrow he will not be …… The Head-teacher’s office of North Ealing School , or leading the running club or playing his guitar and singing to 600 little people, or putting up gazebos or sorting school-related stuff out or teaching ..the list just goes on and on .

John and I are not only privileged to have Bob as a dear ,generous,kind, loyal,funny , practical,lovely friend ,but also to be invited to his final ,retirement, whole-school assembly .He didn’t know Claire,his wife, George,his youngest son ,Joan ,another friend and John and I were going .So when he saw us lot in the playground ,it was quite a moment .Bob was stunned we were all there .He was in tears ,we were in tears ..and then it was his final-whole school- 600 children singing- Bob playing the guitar and singing -staff making speeches-photos- a rap song -thank-you’s- a cake -the presentation of a signed Chelsea shirt ,footage of stuff Bob is passionate about-Drogma’s winning penalty kick,Bradley Wiggins winning The Tour de France and everybody singing Bob’s favourite song ‘Blowing in the Wind’.It was wonderful ,a real tribute to him.

Bob deserves every bit of praise ,warmth and love bestowed on him today and if he was just an eighth of a Head-teacher as he is friend to us ,North Ealing must have been very fortunate to have had him in charge for the last nine years .

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  1. Blowing in the wind – a beautiful song and it was perfect at Rosie’s cremation. It always makes me think of her.

    It sounds like a wonderful day for Bob, the students will miss him a lot I’m sure – a great Headteacher sticks with you for life! xx

  2. John and I were forewarned of ‘Blowing in the Wind’ , thus avoiding a ‘mind the gap’ moment .It is a beautiful song ,and of course ,it is very emotional for us .BUT it was not about us ,or Rosie , but about Bob ,and the celebration of his career – so that made it bearable . It was very special hearing the children singing it .

  3. I was very touched by both you and John finding time to come along and it was overwhelming but just perfect to have you there – I’ll remember it always – you know I only really cried when Drogba scored in the clip from Champions League final. I feel all the same things for you and John because friendship as you know is the most important thing in my life after my bike, my guitar and my computer! Thank you for saying such sweet things I feel very privileged to know you and will always remember that morning and you being there.

  4. It was amazing ,cos you are amazing .
    You know you will always be a very special friend as you were with Rosie and us when she died .So you are in hers and all of our hearts.

  5. As members of staff at North Ealing Primary (and as Bob’s friends) we too are privileged to have shared 8.5 beautiful years with Bob. It has hit us quite hard today because he is not here (at George’s graduation). The place is too quiet! We missed not making him his peppermint tea! We pledge to keep smiling, keep caring and keep carrying on!

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