Back to earth in a Welsh camp-site tomorrow

Thank you to Sukhtej and Karanjeet for hosting the most amazing party last night to celebrate the wedding of their son Jasveer to the beautiful Jasleen .

I have never been to a party quite like it …everything was magical and completely over the top – in a vibrant ,lovely way .The guests clothes, the hall decorations , the stage complete with love-nest …the cushioned area on the floor where the women lounged and had their hands Mehndi painted ,while the older women sang and prayed….the sparkling lights…the gifts for the female guests ..the food – complete with dosai made to order , a tandoor oven to cook fresh bread, 8 different main dishes, rice,noodles, salad and sweets .After the food the music cranked up and the dancing began – everyone was up .The atmosphere was electric. .By the end everyone was doing the conga, in and out of the building , finishing with the Indian equivalent of The Hokey Cokey with the bridal couple in the middle and all of us charging at them .


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