thinking of Tenby

As another bereaved mother said ( and she’s a practicing Christian preacher ) ‘ I’m not that keen on Easter- it is all too much about death ‘. Which actually made me laugh and made me OK about Easter – and as long as I’m with lovely people ,it is no great shakes in my calendar .

Went to my spiritual home yesterday – the sea , Saltdean to be precise .The sea was so rough ,the waves were crashing against the sea wall and were about 40 feet high .I thought they looked at those hot geysers you see in NZ ( not that I’ve ever been ) Our friends we met in the pub ,had walked from the other direction , where the path is much narrower and they were drenched down to their pants . But there was to be no swapping .

Anyway Lorna , you were right , the end of series 1 of The Bridge really did wash me out and thanks for your health-warning . But the whole series was amazing , brilliant and I am so utterly , relentlessly,head-over-heels in love with Saga- I think that after Julie Andrews as Maria Von Trapp , she is the best character I have ever seen on screen. Any warnings for series 2 ?.

After an email from Melissa, the editor of The Guardian Weekend , and my reply …she still didn’t print my letter ….and it wasn’t even as dry as this .

I hope you all have a lovely day and The Lindor Bunny pops up somewhere

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  1. Another excellent series awaiting you in The Bridge Season 2. You’ll be guessing all over the place.
    If you want a rest from subtitles after that (not us-we love’em) then try ‘Better Call Saul’, a spinoff from ‘Breaking Bad’. Yes, we have that as well. Also ‘True Detectives’ Series 1-blimey,I could be here all night…..x

  2. I LOVE the subtitles- much easier to follow and you can’t do anything else at the same time – well i can’t , other people are probably crocheting a rug .

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