Sadly true

Rick Parfitt in Status Quo – I never thought I’d have anything in common with him ,but sadly I do . I read this in last week’s Guardian .It may sound silly but it breaks my heart hearing his pain.

”I’ll never forget the day my two and a half year old daughter, Heidi, died in the swimming pool. I sat on the lawn with her after pulling her out of the pool .I sat on the lawn with Richard ( his son ) beside me and he said ”I’m sure I just saw her hand move Dad” and I said ”You didn’t ” We were just waiting for the ambulance .Just sat with her in my arms.It was terrible,terrible.And that was that .I went off the rails and poor Marietta ( his wife ) stayed at home and I was away .Management at the time did say to me ” Look , do you want to tour?” and I said ”yes, I do .”. I also remember Cliff Richard coming up to the house one day and saying to me ” She was too good for this world and God wanted her back” which was complete and utter bollocks.I didn’t quite get what anyone was trying to say to me .I had priests come up the house.None of them made any sense to me at all. My little Heidi’s gone and you’re telling me God wanted her back .Well. I wanted her here .I ran out in the garden one night, going out of my mind , and I ripped my shirt open .I looked up and I said ”If you’ve got Heidi let me know, will you ? give me a sign”

And of course you don’t get any .Life went on and you learn to live with it, but you never get over it .Never.

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  1. …….and Cliff Richard is such a twat! Someone I know stayed in his house and he had a hissy fit because they put the toilet roll on the holder the ‘wrong’ way round. I don’t remember that commandment! Silly fucker would have us all back in the closet with the key thrown away…..His comment to Rick Parfitt just shows that his intelligence is on a par with wood lice……arrggghhhh!

  2. Funny you should say that ..I have a friend who can only have the toilet roll on with the paper hanging down on the side away from the wall .She also showed John how to turn the top of the cereal box down correctly !

  3. Just read what I wrote and I didn’t mean it to sound so trite …I think Cliff Richard needs to come down of his pedestal, get real and take his bronzer off – he is far too orange…and stupid .

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