Sydenham revisited

Lorna, joined me for the delights of a ‘Brigstock Manor Day’.I think she liked it so much , she’s put her name down. Haven’t got the heart to tell her, its being knocked down next year , under Croydon’s innovative scheme ‘New for Old’ – i did ask the stupid little man from Social Services , whether that meant the inmates – was I about to get a replacement 88yr old Ma – he didn’t get the joke. ( No surprises there ).

Well,we hit one of my schooldays, bunkoff school , meet the Dulwich College and Alleyns ( obviously not now , with them closed cos of the swine flu ) boys venues , The Dulwich Woodhouse. Boy , has it changed . Whoever has done the refurb , obviously didn’t consult Kirsty – back imitation plastic grass in the conservatory ???? It was a lovely lunch risottos, scallops , chicken ceasar salad and chips. Lorna wrote Ma’s cards and and as the pub was virtually empty , not too many South Londoners had to hear the Joan’s latest medical updates.

Plus , we received txts from Jacob . He has had two seperate lovely treats . One from Sarah and the other from William – but I’ll leave it to Him to tell you .

PS . My scars are healing up nicely , but you should see the bruises.

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