Apart from seeing my lovely , kind , gentle, book-club ( she’s the only one who ever reads the book ) friend , Marion, yesterday was a nightmare – Daisy let me down badly . It was if she had been spawned by Eli , the vampire in last nights film.

As you know , she gave us all a scare when she went missing for 2days, then when she returned she refused all food and shunned us. We thought she’d been kidnapped , until Flo noticed a big gauge on her tail- Daisy’s not Flo’s. So ….we think she’d been attacked. In our over anxious states of mind , we decided she should be microchipped – if its good enough for Steve Austin , its good enough for our Daisy !I borrowed next doors cat box thing , managed to get her in it and drove to the vets – she was going crazy,. When we got there she had poo’d and wee’d ( a bit like Victoria when she goes and sees The Antichrist- but you’d know that , if you’d read her comment ) and while the other pussies sat serenely in their baskets , she was snarling, spitting , clawing and looking pretty mad – it didnt help that when the receptionist asked me for her details , I knew none of them – DOB , breed , innoculations etc . All the other owners ( they are a whole bloggy entry in their own right ) looked at me as if I was the she-devil.

Well it just gets worse – once in the consulting room , the gentle vet asked me to get her out. I coaxed her out , couldnt tip the dam box on end or the poo and wee would have followed Daisy onto the table. Once out ,she went for me- lacerating my arms( Ann Downs , if you are reading this , you might want to look away ), catching a small blood vessel so my blood poured over the table, Daisy and the vet. He told me cats claws carry loads of germs and so i had to see my doc and get anti biotics .CBA to write any more , I think I’ve got post vet traumatic cay syndrome- and it cost me over 40smackers !

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  1. if it makes you feel any better Dylan is just as bad -it always ends up with 3 adults rolling around on the floor ,trying to hold him down – just because the vet wants to look in his ears!

  2. Claire, so you got Bob micro chipped for the 10k. That’s cool but it’s a lot easier getting a tag that attaches to his trainers

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