Another thing to click onto

I thought you might be interested in this email I received today

“Dear Rachel and John

Just to let you know we have caught up with Jenna and Paul in the UK office today and heard all about their fantastic experiences at Ace and particularly Southend. I know you met during your trip to Bungoma.They have been responsible with the help of a local Bungoma man of setting up a Southend Website which is looking great

Hopefully in the not too distant future you may be able to exchange stories!

Speak soon

Lots of love

LizzyLizzy Epsley

Fundraising & Communications Manager”

Now you can look at The Southend Academy’s Website- it’s fabulous.

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  1. Just spent a good hour browsing the site and reading every page – and looking at all those photos. I love that the Rosie Dwyer Art Room sign is one of them.

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