Not the ‘climbing in the chest freezer’ exhibition

Ooh no Claire, you are thinking of the exhibition ‘HOTEL’ Flo, Nat, Rosie and I went to see , just off Brick Lane.

This was a recent one ,in a fabulous gallery with huge 150cm sq photographs. The first room was portraits- we all chose our favourite , the second room was flies on excrement , we were about to chose , but Stu said she felt sick . Then we went upstairs…you’d have to ask , Stu , AF and Amy G. about these photos , I’m far too shy.

2 Replies to “Not the ‘climbing in the chest freezer’ exhibition”

  1. I hope one of them comments and lets us know what was on the top floor! Im curious but also slightly scared…

  2. Dread to think if it makes YOU feel shy.Bring it up when you next see Bob….you know how you like to make him blush !

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