Yet more junk

A record …4 comments . Its good to know people read this drivel. Still waiting for a Brummie comment ( Georgina you don’t count , even though you are doing well picking up the accent ).

Our Copenhagen friends continue to soak up London , I did try to make them feel at home this morning by giving the Danish bacon and all the other bits in our traditional . low fat ( ? ) full English breakfast. After all their cultural adventures- nat History Museum /Covent Garden /N207 etc Flo and Jacob took them to their first car boot sale …in Battersea . They came back with 2 Labradors, a poodle and 3 Heinz 57. Joke , it was next to the dogs home. Our house is now a rich tapestry of hunting jackets, French , prints, bedspreads , books , LPs . shoes etc etc , I don’t know how we managed without them !

4 Replies to “Yet more junk”

  1. I asked Stu via facebook to tell me what was on the top floor of the exhibition but shes being annoyingly coy! Cumon Stu (or Rach), i wont be back for a while for “a glass of wine at mine” so TELL ME NOW the suspense is killing me!
    Me? A Brummie accent? NO!
    Hows Flo’s room looking, did she pick up any more bits and bobs for it in Battersea?

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