We found her diaries from 1964

I’ve framed my kangas .Not the big full sized ones – although I do have a photo of Jacob wearing one ,while leaning up against a tree with the waves ( and donkeys ) lapping behind him .Although he looks rather fetching , he’s not quite David Beckhan in his sarong – but my little postcards I bought in The Lamu Museum . They are so beautiful and romantic ..as a man in a Swahili speaking country will give his beloved , a pair of kanga as way of an apology ( much better than a Lidl’s nut bar or the latest edition of the Screwfix catalogue ,I think ) .So I bought a pack of postcards and have painstakingly spent the night framing them .

I just felt I had to do something creative and John had to do something DIYive as it was quite a sad old day and sad old days make us weary and wimpy . This morning ,John ,Tommy ( Grace’s Grandson ) and I cleared out her room and went to the undertakers to sign the cremation authorisation form . Then we dropped Tommy at his house, picnicked in Burnham Beeches ,came home and then both smashed some glass ,not deliberately of course …Johns was a £7 Ikea light bulb and mine was an A2 sheet- Now I’m worried what the third thing going to be ??

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