Nikki – you’re going to love this one.

A ‘nearly a 24hr time line’.

Sat 4 Dec 17.30- Florence and I get home form seeing a happy ( well almost ) and healthy Grandma, having found one of the many pictures she asked for ,which I could actually lay my hands on. Watch half of ‘Strictly’ , then go our separate ways , Flo to meet her friends, John and I to dine with ours.

21.30. Jacob turns up at our friends house , needing key. he has just got off the megabus ,having got on that morning, after partying and having no sleep the night before – luckily no unfortunate soul sat next to him.

00.15. We return home chat to Jacob ,John offers to take him to Gatwick very early .When asked which terminal he is flying from , he makes one up.We all hit the sack .

04.30. Awoken by mobile ringing , don’t get to it in time , finally locate specs and hear message, Flo has no key , could I put one under the mat. In sleepy stupor , stumble downstairs, just as I’m doing the deed, bump into John and Jacob , they’d both had same message.

06.00 Alarm goes off , make tea and toast for my boys , say au-revoir as they set off to the airport for Jacob to fly to Bordeaux.

08.00. Awoken by phone ( think its prob Grandma asking for another ornament ,I think I’ve dispatched to the skip 5 years ago ), but if only life were so simple…it’s Jacob , with the immortal words ”Mum, I’ve messed ( except it was a stronger verb beginning with an F ) up, I should be at Luton”.

I could go on , but I won’t – it’s too messy . Jacob is cosied up with us now and we’re having roast pork for dins and a snooze this afternoon.

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