Not even a win on the raffle

106 was jumping last night…and that was just John and I grooving to ‘DJ Nat’s ipod megamix’, from the isolation of the front room. I knew they’d have a good night cos the last song played was Hot Chip’s – ‘Girl from School'( or something like that ) , and I was with Rosie, in Richmond, when she bought that CD ,and played that track over and over again – I can see her now dancing to it now.So I like to think she was with them at Madame Coco( or similar ).

This afternoon was The Uplands Summer Fair …all in a good cause I milked a mock cow for a minute. Whoever got the most ml , won a box of Dairy Milk- I came 2nd to last. Grandmama endeared herself to everybody , by saying ”at The Brigstock Fair, they used to do……..”

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