start making your placards

Been blown out by my counsellor plus the 2 friends I was meeting for lunch at Pembroke Lodge are poorly , so desperate measures , I’ll go for a swim . Then off to Brigstock for a 7pm meeting re: its closure . I’m a bit ( understatement ) hacked off that Croydon Council are re-siting it the other side of Croydon , which means less of Grandmama’s friends will visit, which was the main reason she stayed in Brigstock , as opposed to come over this way .

Natalie has noticed Ivana’s earlobes – shouldn’t they all be booted out soon ?

4 Replies to “start making your placards”

  1. oh no rachel that’s such a blow for joan. consider my placard made and my protesting voice loud. and give her my lovex

  2. Perhaps when you send out Joan’s change of address cards to her friends,you could offer somekind of treat i.e. ‘come and visit Joan in her sumptuous new surroundings and you will find a Big Mac waiting for you’. ..There isn’t a carer called Big Mac is there? otherwise that could be slightly confusing and also litigious…
    Lovely photos Bert,thank you.

  3. we need to organise a sit in – theres been quite a few at uni, now certain students are subject to restraining order – banned from premises!

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