Thank you to everyone who has read this blog over the past year, and an even bigger thank you for those of you have submitted an entry. It lifts my heavy heart a little when I see ‘comments ( 1 )’. I write this drivel for one reason only – I love Rosie.

This year has gone by in a haze. I have trouble remembering stuff , listening to people, being by myself , being with people, sleeping, waking , writing , shopping , thinking, laughing, talking, reading, the list goes on . So I apolojise if I appear rude, distant , ungrateful- I don’t mean to be , but my head and heart are elsewhere. It is a year and 10days since I held , touched , smelled , kissed , listened to ,talked to ,cuddled, walked with, laughed with one of the most beautiful people in the whole wide world and to think that I will never do these again is unbearable. My heart is broken.

So please continue to look at her website. I cannot bear the thought of Rosie being forgotton. So from me and the 3 people that I love so so so much , John, Jacob and Florence , we wish you a happy and healthy 2010.

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  1. Rosie will never be forgotton. I can honestly say that I think of her,and you guys, everyday.
    Try not to be too downhearted if ‘Comments(0)’. I’m sure that I’m the same as many readers in that some days,I can easily comment on something that has been entered but that,on other days, there is nothing that I can say that could lift you out of your despair and grief. But don’t think that people aren’t reading and thinking of Rosie and you all because we are and the way that you have shown us your love for her in this website and in all that you have done this year in Rosie’s name means that we will always remember her x

  2. Lorna said everything what I wanted to.
    What you, as a family have done this year as been amazing, the different events have been so uplifting and enjoyable giving the circumstance. All have been different I as have looked forward to each as major/the biggest events in my calender. Each thing that has been organised has really helped everyone. I am the same in that I will never forget Rosie, I had dream only 2 days ago where we were simply chatting to each other and it felt so real, i cant describe it properly. I think about her everyday.
    I can never see myself forgetting Rosie, I write things to her all the time on pieces of paper or in my phone. She is still a part my life and I’m 100% sure ALOT of people feel the same x

  3. It has been a real privilege to have walked with you over the past year. That’s all I’ve been able to do and it seems so little yet it has taught me so much. Your courage in the face of adversity continues to amaze. In the distance, we keep seeing girls who remind me of Rosie and just for an instant I’m reminded of how special she is. we feel the same as Joe and Lorna. Life is so fragile. Unforgettable Rosie!

  4. lifting a big new years glass to Rosie “three drinks in a lunch break” Dwyer – who would have been showing us how it is done, from pre-drinks to night bus home, Rosie led the show. xxx

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