Hot off the PC

This is the email i just got from jacob- just thought I’d share what the girls and boy are up to………

”here come the girls- girls- girls – girls!
was a really good day- we got the ferry across- fed the birds- I managed to feed one from my hand- CRAZY. flozza was loving it- she papped it good.
so we went to a mosque in eminonu- then the spice bazaar- all bought some flavours of tea. then to the grand bazaar- stroleld through- then went for an amazing lunch.
we decided go to a DOLPHINARIUM!!!!!! we watched a dolphin show- trekked right to the end of the golden horn and it WAS worth it.

2 and a half weeks till the jigga man is BACK IN TOWN!”

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    oh maan.
    Rachel im still confused by what happened. Our flights had been changed to like an hour earlier and then i found out mine was a day earlier!! by that time i had already missed it.
    but im loving the idea of a turkish night and looking forward to hearing some more of j and the gals stories. xxxx

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